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Our mission

As one of the leading countries in global equestrian expertise, the Dutch have a reputation for great performance with our horses. We believe that this is not only a result from great knowledge, but also from a deep understanding of the nature of the horse.

That's the starting point from which we like to teach children (ages 8 - 18 years) about horseriding. We believe that true horsemanship is more than just learning to ride. Our training camp is a deep immersion in the Dutch equestrian culture, where we focus on teaching our young prospects the complete package of riding, training, caring for and learning from your horse. 

In two action-packed weeks full of adventure, the children will learn everything that has to do with horses. They’ll have the week of their lives visiting a large breeding stable, playing horse games, swimming with the horses, learning from a veterinarian and a farrier. They’ll get to watch an international competition, participate in a schooling show and braid and decorate their horses’ manes. And, of course, they’ll learn to ride in a way that's safe, responsible, and most of all: gets their enthusiasm going!

They’ll spend the two weeks with children from different cultures and all kinds of different backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common: the passion and love for horses. That’s a real connection which crosses borders. In teaching a diverse group of kids, we find that they do not only learn great equestrian skills, but great life skills as well.

We believe children have the power to change the world. A child that learns how to act around a horse at a young age grows up to be a safe, responsible rider. By teaching them, we believe we can help the next generation to make the world a little better for both horses and their riders.

Romy Lourens

Program coordinator

Leonie Wolf


Carlijn Pontenagel 

Co-founder ESI

Anne Loosveld

Co-founder ESI

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