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General questions 

When can I register for the training program?  

Training program registration officially opens on February 1st. An early-bird discount of €100,- is available to registrations and down payments that arrive before March 31st. Registrations are still accepted until June 1st for the program that starts on June 30th.  

How do I register for the training program?  

Registrations are accepted online and through e-mail. A 50% deposit is required for registration. When the registration and deposit are received, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. In April you receive all information that is needed before you arrive at our program. If you would like to register, please send us an email at info@equinesupportinternational.com and we will send you the registration form. 

What should my child bring to camp? 

A “what to bring” list is included in the information e-mail that you receive in April.   

What is the minimum/maximum number of participants? 

We have a minimum of 8 participants and a maximum of 30 participants per group.  

Is a visa required? 

Whether your child needs a visa or not depends on your nationality. On the following website you can check whether you need one or not: https://www.netherlandsandyou.nl/travel-and-residence/visas-for-the-netherlands  

Are the costs for the visa included? 

No, the costs for the visa are excluded from the price of the summer camp. 

What insurances do I / my child need to have? 

It is necessary to have a travel insurance worldwide and a health insurance if you do not have that in your own country. We are not responsible for individual health insurances.  

What is your cancellation policy?  

If the participation is cancelled two months before the start of the summer camp, then all costs paid by the participant will be refunded. 

If the participation is cancelled less than two months prior to the start of the camp but the participant finds someone else to fill up their spot, the participant can get a full refund.

If the participation is cancelled less than two months before the start of the camp, without finding someone else to fill up their spot, the participant gets no refund of any invoice paid.  


Can you pick up my child at the airport?

If you book an additional airport transfer, your child will be picked up by team ESI to make sure they arrive safely at the location and feels welcome right away! The costs for the transfer to Schiphol Amsterdam Airport is €150 per person for a one-way transfer. 


Where do the children stay? 

The children will stay at a venue that meets the strict safety requirements set by ESI. The venue has space for 2, 4, 6 and 8 children per room. Children can choose with whom they share a room, so if they come with friends, they can share a room. We are flexible with the rooms, so if children want to change rooms eventually, this is often possible (depending on group size and formation).  


What time is Check-In and check-out? 

As children come from all over the world, it is possible to check-in the entire day. Our program starts at 5:00pm in the afternoon. It won’t be a problem if your child arrives after 5pm, they can join us later. The Saturday check-out is at noon, or depending on the flight times of the children.  

Do you also provide accommodation for the parents? 

If you decide to accompany your children to the Netherlands, we can recommend various hotels near our venue. Parents are welcome to attend and watch the program two afternoons a week.  

Do boys and girls sleep separately?

Yes, boys and girls sleep separately. 

When and how can parents contact their children? 

We discourage the use of cellphones throughout the day. However, when children want to contact their parents, they can do so in-between activities as they will have some leisure time.  


What will my kids eat?

The children eat three full meals a day. Meals are served at a big table where we eat together. A salad bar is available during lunch and dinner. We have healthy snacks and drinks available all day.

How do you handle food allergies?

We are dedicated to making our training program available for children with food allergies and intolerances. Vegetarian meals are also available upon request. In order to properly prepare for a participant with special dietary concerns it is necessary to let us know in the registration form.  


Who will be watching my child?

The ESI team, together with the other staff, will take care of all children. The complete staff has a lot of experience doing summer camps. The staff’s highest priority is to keep your child safe and happy, so that your child can fully enjoy the summer camp. There is a 24/7 supervision so your child will never be left alone or unguided.  

What if my child gets homesick?

It is perfectly normal that children get homesick while being away from home. Fortunately, the staff is very experienced with children getting homesick. We have a safe environment for children to feel mixed emotions. The staff will do their best to comfort your child, by giving them some special attention, talk to them, encourage them and try to distract them from being sad by a lot of fun activities.

What languages will be spoken?

The workshops, riding lessons and other languages will be given in English, but there will also be Spanish speaking staff present.


Level of riding 

What riding level does my child need to have? 

We offer training at different levels. Both the novice rider as the advanced rider will learn a lot during the summer camp. We have horses for all different levels and type of riders. However, it is advised that your child can ride in walk and trot independently. 


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